From nothing to tree

SoliD plants has been specialized in growing Japanese maples (Acer) for many years. The entire process from propagation to the end product takes place at our nurseries. We stand for a nice assortment from small to very large in heavy, branched trees of excellent quality.


The Acer is loved for its beautifully colored foliage, graceful growth habit and flaming autumn colours. There are many varieties for the garden, both tall trees and dwarf shrubs for when you have less space. The Japanese Maple is available in many different varieties. Striking are the special leaf colors. The foliage can be green, white variegated, greenish yellow, pink, orange, red or dark brownish purple. Often a combination of colors is woven into a plant.

The maple tree is an eye-catcher in any garden. Acer is also beautiful on its own, for example in a pot on the terrace or balcony.

SoliD plants grows a wide range of the most beautiful Acers for Retail, landscapers, gardeners and cash and carries throughout Europe.


Corporate social responsibility is a top priority at SoliD Plants nurseries. We do this by using biological pesticides as much as possible and by propagating all plants ourselves. We also offer young people who have difficulty functioning in society, guidance and a place to work.